just another busy week in LA


May 16, 2012 – Just Another Busy Week in LA

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.


Linda Klein, Manager at Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center at City of Hope
Kris Willey, founder of Women of the Green Generation
Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director at Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Featured Music:
Unstruck Chord, Steve Gold
Om Purnam, Jaya Lakshmi
Govinda Gopala, Masood Ali Khan feat. Sheela Bringi & Clinton Patterson
Modim Anachnu Lach, Josh Brill feat. Spring Groove & Joey Lugassy

* * * * * * * *

as i always say, if you can’t find anything to do in LA, you aren’t looking hard enough. or possibly not looking at all.

since i didn’t have any interviewees lined up for this week’s show, i decided to go through my list of invites and narrowed my choices down to a handful of event organizers. and from that handful, i got three could make the show: linda klein, spokesperson for the yoga for hope fundraiser in santa monica for the city of hope, kris willey for the women of the green generation conference in downtown LA, and jen klausner from the LA county bicycle coalition about bike to work week events all over town. and yes, all three events were scheduled for this week. it definitely was going to be a busy week in LA!

there were many musicians slated to be playing around town, including steve gold at yoga for hope, jaya lakshmi at grateful fridays and at bhakti yoga shala, moose ali khan and sheela bringi at micheline berry’s class at exhale and at BYS, and yehoshua (also known as josh) brill at BYS.  there were many more musicians who would be playing, but alas, i didn’t have enough time to fit everyone in.

as they say, there’s always next week 🙂


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