go deep or go home


May 30, 2012 – Go Deep or Go Home

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Gadadhara Pandit Dasa, Hindu monk and chaplain at Columbia University
Barry Selby, Passion Consultant
Ben Leinbach, musician and producer
Prajna Vieira, musician and yoga teacher

Featured Music:
Tao, Soulfood
Shivaya Namah Om (Bhajan), Dave Stringer & Spring Groove
He Ma Durga, Prajna Vieira & Ben Leinbach
Sarvesam, Prajna Vieira & Ben Leinbach

* * * * * * * *

it was monday and i was still coming off a mental high (or was it physical exhaustion?) from the three days i’d spent at the lightning in a bottle festival in orange county. silly me had agreed to work on the memorial day holiday — and worse yet, it was the day after i’d returned to civilization. while sitting in a brain-dead state at my desk, i decided to check facebook to see what had transpired while i was sans cell signal out in the boonies.

i noticed that michael baker (a guest on a previous show) had posted an event called “a journey into ‘the matrix’ and srimad bhagavad-gita” with gadadhara pandit dasa, a hindu monk who lived in manhattan and who’d spoken at a TEDx conference at columbia university. not only did it sound interesting, but the venue (michael’s home) was a mere mile or two from where i worked. i clicked on “join” and showed up later than evening.

while discussing video clips of ‘the matrix’, i’d realized that my chat show was less than two days away, and so far all i had on tap were ben leinbach and prajna vieira, who were going to talk about their new album, “amrita” (i’d received a copy of it back in april but couldn’t promote it until after it was officially released). other than that,  i had no idea who else i’d bring on to the show. panic started to set in. i pulled up the facebook app on my phone and happened to see barry selby pitching his relationship workshop.  i asked him if he were available to be interviewed and he answered in the affirmative. yay — another guest!

long story short, i chatted with pandit, aka the hindu monk, after our group discussion and he, too, agreed to be on the show. as for the music, it was clear that i’d be playing a track from ben and prajna’s new CD. and i thought it would be fun to throw in a track from one of the CDs i’d bought from DJ free at lightning in a bottle (LIB). and with a hat tip to nicole doherty‘s LIB class, i’d decided to revolve the show around something she’d said: “go deep or go home”. i’d also asked my mantra-savvy friend jason adams to suggest a mantra for enlightenment and he offered “om namah shivaya”.

it didn’t help that in my post-LIB sleep-deprived state, i showed up late at the studio and didn’t find out until after going live that someone had switched the CD cables. and that the sound board had volume level issues. gotta love community radio!

during the interview, pandit and i were so engrossed in our conversation that we’d completely forgotten to mention his website! so while i did end up sharing it at the end of the show, here it is again: nycpandit.com. a few days after he returned to NYC, he sent me the youtube link to his TEDx talk, but sometime after i received it (and viewed it), the video was flagged as private. he’s since sent me a link to a temporary copy. thanks, pandit!

oh, and one thing i learned was that i’ve been mispronouncing prajna’s name. the correct pronunciation is PRAG-nee-ya. i stand corrected 🙂


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