bhakti in the heartland


June 6, 2012 – Bhakti in the Heartland

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Taz Rashid, Bhakti Fest Midwest Street Team Coordinator
Pascale LaPoint, musician
Ragani, musician

Featured Music:
Hare Krishna (Preston Klik Remix), Devi 2000
Guru Kripanjana, Dave Stringer & Kim Waters
Om Narayana, Brenda McMorrow
Gajaananaa, Kirtan Path
Vishnu 360, Ragani
Hare Om Shivaya, Michael Cohen

* * * * * * * *

it was monday, and with just two days to go before air date, i still had no idea what i was going to cover on this week’s show.

i checked my go-to source of inspiration — facebook — and saw a note on the yoga chat page from pascale lapoint, a member of the bhakti fest midwest street team. scheduled to be held june 29th through july 1st, the festival in madison, wisconsin was just three weeks away. it sounded like the perfect time to highlight this first-time event, so i asked pascale if she would be available for an interview on the show. not only was she available, but she could also get the street team coordinator, taz rashid, to call in, too. perfect!

after scanning the kirtan line-up for the event, i realized that there were many midwest-based musicians set to take the stage, among them dave stringer (wisconsin), ragani (wisconsin), mike cohen (michigan), pascale lapoint’s kirtan path (minnesota), devi 2000 (illinois), and even brenda mcmorrow (ontario – which technically isn’t in the USA, but just across the water from michigan and wisconsin). hmmm… wouldn’t it be nice to score an interview with another musician? i’d always wanted to meet ragani; at the last minute, i got her to agree to join me on the show. sweet!

ragani was nice enough to send me radio edits of some of her newer music, so along with that and the other tracks i had on CDs, on itunes, and on the internet, i had more than enough music to fill a show.

the plan was to go heavy on the music and light on the talk. it didn’t quite happen that way; as usual, we talked too much 🙂

for those of you who want to participate in ragani’s kirtan video, the deadline to submit your video is june 30th. here’s the link with instructions: worldwide virtual kirtan. and here’s the video. have fun!


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