healing body, mind, and spirit


June 13, 2012 – Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Nicole DeAvilla, yoga therapist
Ashana, musician
Sarah Garney, resonance healer

Featured Music:
Shante Prashante/Love Abounds, Brenda McMorrow
Homecoming, Devadas Labrecque
Ave Maria, Ashana
Ra Ma Da Sa, Aykanna
Take Your Burden to the Lord, Devadas Labrecque (podcast bonus track)

* * * * * * * *

it all started when i was contacted by nicole deavilla‘s PR person about her new book, the 2 minute yoga solution. i thought it made for a good interview, so i asked her to send me a review copy and penciled her in for a guest spot on the show. some time later, i ran into new york-based parashakti (creator of “dance of liberation”), whom i’d met at the recent tadasana festival and who happened to be in town. next thing i knew, i had her agreeing to join me on this week’s show. so with one guest talking about yoga for healing and the other about dance for healing, it became clear to me what our topic would be: healing!

with one more guest needed to make a quorum, i scanned my facebook event list and came across sarah garney‘s resonance healing workshop. i contacted her, and thankfully, she was available.

now that i had all my guests lined up, it was time to find music for the show. i put out a request for healing mantras on facebook, and soon after, musicians brenda mcmorrow and devadas labrecque suggested some of their own songs, with devadas emailing me tracks i didn’t have. i selected one from each artist… just two more songs to go!

while rummaging through my CD library, i found some albums i’d picked up some time ago from ashana, a musician i’d met at sat nam fest. they were filled with songs of healing; all i needed to do was to pick one from the many. the show was coming together really nicely…

that is, until parashakti sent me a message that she had to fly back to NYC for an important meeting and would be enroute during the show. eek, what to do? long story short, i managed to get hold of ashana, who agreed to fill in the newly-emptied timeslot (and i’m holding a spot for parashakti in a future episode).

finding a song to end the show didn’t take much effort — the kundalini go-to mantra, ra ma da sa, was a clear choice. i had three versions: snatam kaur’s, mirabai ceiba’s, and aykanna’s. and since i’d just received news that aykanna’s sukhdev and akahdahmah jackson had a new baby girl, their rendition got the nod. congratulations to the new family!

the show went on without any major technical glitches – thank god! however, because the songs i’d picked ran long (averaging 9 minutes instead of the usual 6 minutes), the show ended up running long, too; it was hard to cut the interviews short because there was so much to talk about! i did end up abbreviating the closing ra ma da sa from its original almost-12 minutes to a slightly shorter 10.

by the way, here’s the intro deal sarah garney offered to listeners of the show:  email her at info@sarahgarney.com and mention “yoga chat” to get a 20-minute mini-session for just $33.

note: a couple of times during the show, i’d mentioned devadas’s song, “take your burden to the lord”, so i decided to include it at the end of the podcast. it added another 5 minutes to the already longer-than-usual podcast, but what’s a few minutes among friends? 🙂


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