blissed out


June 20, 2012 – Blissed Out

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.


Tiffany Russo, yoga instructor
Ashley Walsh, co-creator of The Chocolate Invitational
Mikki Sage, co-creator of The Chocolate Invitational
Jared Koch, founder of Clean Plates

Featured Music:
Shiva, MC Yogi
Chamatkari, Shantala
Find What’s Sacred in This World, Duke Mushroom
Burn (One Love), Ash Ruiz feat. FreeWill Luminous (audio from YouTube video)

* * * * * * * *

amma, often referred to as the hugging saint, was in town, and i had planned to see her to receive darshan, or blessing, in the form of a hug during the special devi bhava evening held on the last day of her visit.  in previous years, i had made the pilgrimage (if you can call it that) along with thousands of others to see her, and because the act of hugging each devotee is very time-intensive, priority numbers are given out to allow everyone to walk around the vendor area, get something to eat, and/or meet up with friends. and each time, i’d waited just long enough to get my hug (usually until around midnight), then left for home to go to sleep.

this time, though, i decided to hang around past darshan to experience the entire blissful event — which most likely wouldn’t end until late the next morning. which also happened to fall on a wednesday, the same day i tape this show. so to keep with the blissful –and sleep-deprived — state i’d be in while floating to the studio, i decided to pick topics that bring about bliss, at least for me.

clean plates had curated the lunch at the downward dining event i’d attended that saturday, and because the whole idea of a guide book to restaurants with healthy options really appealed to me, i reached out to jared koch, the founder, and he agreed to join me on the show. at that same yoga+lunch event, i bumped into PR-connected tiffany caronia, and when i told her about how i wanted to include chocolate in the show, she hooked me up with mikki sage, a friend of hers who was organizing a chocolate/wine/art event in venice the next week.

on sunday, i stopped  by tiffany russo’s sunday’s poolside yoga class at the W hotel in westwood and enjoyed it so much that i asked her if she could chat a bit about it. she said she could. got the guests; now the music!

MC yogi’s new “pilgrimage” album was to be released the day before the show, so that was a definite contender. i had some free downloads from duke mushroom and ash ruiz; i added in those, too. and to celebrate benjy wertheimer’s birthday (thanks to facebook for the notification), i picked something from his and heather’s latest album, “jaya”.

as i had predicted, i was exhausted when i showed up at the studio. 17 hours of waiting, sitting, chatting, chanting, and barely snoozing took its toll; i’m glad the show went as well as it did — except for when i accidentally kicked a piece of equipment underneath the table during the show and the sound suddenly went wonky. i’ve edited out the sounds of my crawling underneath the table to troubleshoot the problem to save you from my embarrassment 🙂

as promised, here are the links to the videos mentioned on the show…

“alleluia” from shantala:

“burn (one love)” from ash ruiz:

now please excuse me while i take my leave and catch up on my sleep…


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