moksha festival highlights


June 27, 2012

This week’s topic: Moksha Festival Highlights

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Dave Stringer, musician
Dr. Siva Mohan, ayurvedic practitioner
Mark Whitwell, yoga instructor

Featured Music:
Govinda Jaya Jaya, Dave Stringer
Tribal Nam, Marti Walker
Hari’s Rapture (Radha Ramana Hari Bol), Jai Uttal

* * * * * * * *

i recently landed myself a small gig helping to promote the moksha festival this coming august, so i thought: why not dedicate an entire show to the highlights of the festival? of course, i’d already done that for last year’s event, but as long as all the guests were different, it would be an entirely different show, right?

so i looked at the list of yoga teachers, musicians, and speakers, crossed out those whom i’d already interviewed on previous episodes, and started sending out feelers to find people who could call in to the show.

long story short, i got hold of dave stringer (whom i’d run into at the city yoga studio city AND lululemon studio city grand opening parties), dr. siva mohan of svastha health in long beach (who had reached out to me sometime ago and i’d finally gotten around to inviting her to join me on the show), and mark whitwell (whom i’d run into at lightning in a bottle and who had just published his new book, “the promise of love, sex, and intimacy“).  hmmmm….

considering how moksha was a yoga+music festival, i’d figured that i’d have a wealth of  music to choose from, but strangely, most of the musicians, while relatively well-known here in the LA kirtan scene, haven’t released any albums. at least not yet. so i started off with music from the festival headliners — dave stringer and jai uttal — and started picking and choosing from among the CDs i had from marti walker, govindas and radha, momo loudiyi, emy berti, dan blanchard, and the breath of life tribe. needless to say, i couldn’t fit them all in; but then again, there’s more than a month to go between now and the actual festival. so they’ll all get air play, sooner or later. in fact, all of them have already been played on this show. so there. 🙂

except for some sound level problems i seemed to have on the callers’ end (which forced me to crank up their volume in the edited version of the podcast), the show went well and i thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations i had with my guests. i was mesmerized while listening to dave’s story about how saul david raye (who’ll be teaching at moksha) produced his first album, siva’s story about how she integrates her medical school background with her ayurvedic training, and mark’s story about how yogic breathing can improve your sex life. how, you ask? read the book!

i kept glancing at the clock, wondering if i could buy myself more time. and i eventually realized that i’d completely used up not just the allotted interview time but also the time i’d set aside for some music. which is why i ended up with just three songs this show. but i’m sure the witty repartee more than made up for it (you don’t agree? then maybe YOU should be a guest on the show!).

as far as the meaning of the lyrics to marti walker‘s “tribal nam”, i found a website with the lyrics and their meaning: hari haraye namah.

silly me mentioned this blog at the end of the show but forgot to provide the url. if you’re reading this, you’ve obviously figured out what it is!

i’ll look into getting the links for the groupon and goldstar deals that i talked about during the show and post them here. so stay tuned.


here’s the link to the groupon deal: Up to 51% off a One-Day or Two-Day Festival Pass (deal available until midnight 6/30 or sold out)

and here’s the link to the goldstar deal: 50% off the Sacred Music Pass (deal available until sold out)


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