freedom, independence, and liberation!


July 4, 2012

This week’s topic: Freedom, Independence, and Liberation!

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Anthony Rogers, life coach
Keith Mitchell, yoga instructor and retired NFL linebacker
Parashakti, creator of Dance of Liberation

Featured Music:
Guru Bramha, Jai Uttal
Guru Life, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe
Shedding Skin, Karsh Kale
Lila, Benjy Wertheimer & John De Kadt

* * * * * * * *

right after i posted last week’s show, i realized that the following week’s show was scheduled for the 4th of july. so for a while there, i seriously considered giving myself the holiday off…

… that is, until i bumped into anthony rogers at yoga class. and remembered that he had handed me a copy of his book the last time i saw him. and that we had talked about my having him on a show when his story fit in with the topic. so i threw out the question: would you be able to call in to the show this coming wednesday, july 4th? and without hesitation, he said yes. eek. what did i just do?

i told him that if i found other takers, he was on. i reached out to keith mitchell, an ex-NFL linebacker who played for the new orleans saints, the houston texans, and the jacksonville jaguars — but who was paralyzed after an injury, was healed through yoga, and now teaches yoga. i was introduced to him via email by a mutual friend after she’d told me his story. and luckily for me, he was available for an interview. two down, one more to go!

since the whole show was going to revolve around freedom and liberation, the next person who came to mind was parashakti, creator of the dance of liberation. she had been scheduled to guest on an earlier show but had to beg off when a last-minute trip put her on a plane right when she was supposed to call in. so i reached out to her for a do-over, and miraculously, she was available, too. so much for my taking the holiday off.

while putting the show together, i found out that july 3rd was the hindu celebration of guru purnima, the day when one pays tribute to one’s guru. so while i didn’t have any guests who would be talking about the festival, i could have the music do the talking instead. i found jai uttal’s “guru bramha” which included the guru mantra:

guru bramha guru vishnu guru devo maheshvarah guru sakshat parabramha tasmai shri gurave namaha

i also found larisa stow’s “guru life” which features her chanting the tibetan mantra “om mani padme hum” as well as the names of the deities radha, krishna, sita, rama, jesus, mary, shiva, and shakti. perfect.

since parashakti was once wedded to DJ fabian alsultany, i thought it was a great opportunity to play something from his album, “yoga lounge”. also, the new “one river” CD from benjy wertheimer and john de kadt had just arrived in my mailbox and was asking to be played. and i was more than happy to oblige.

come the day of the show, i reached out to my friend, mr. B (and seriously, that’s what i call him), who had always been curious about how my show was recorded. of course, like all 9-to-5ers, he had the holiday off, so i invited him to hang with me at the studio. he insisted that i not involve him in any way on the show, so he sat quietly on the sidelines with his kindle while i blabbed away with my guests. his first comment after i ended the show was that i needed a producer to answer the phone and cue up my music. but what fun would it be if things were that organized? 😉

on the show, i mentioned that i would include the link to anthony’s extremely-long website url, so here it is:

as well as the name of his book: ethereal mantras affirmations and notions for placid and peaceful earth plane traversal. whew!

since parashakti had mentioned her upcoming movie, here’s the trailer to that movie:

by the way, i did exactly what i told parashakti i’d do that day: i dumped the watch and went with the flow.  instead of doing my usual post-show routine, i had a late lunch with mr. B, discovered a new little starbucks location in the valley to upload the podcast, had a wonderful time at the rising lotus 4th of july potluck and kirtan, then caught the studio city fireworks display before heading home for the night. it turned out to be a very magical day!


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