postcards on the ledge


July 11, 2012

This week’s topic: Postcards on the Ledge

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Annie Freeman, yoga instructor and choreographer of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Jules Mitchell, director of South Bay Yoga Conference
Dan Ward, yoga instructor and co-founder of Yoga Bike Gang
Sean Gray, yoga instructor and co-founder of Yoga Bike Gang

Featured Music:
Evensong, Dave Tate & Victoria Lagerstrom
Gayatri Mantra, BhaktiMa Kirtan
Gaia Nectar, Masood Ali Khan
Radhe Shyam, Breath of Life Tribe

* * * * * * * *

it was one of those weeks when i realized i had no idea what the theme of the show was going to be.

ever the procrastinator, i decided to declutter the stack of stuff on my desk to delay the inevitable. and it was while i was sorting through the abundance of flyers that i realized i had the topic of the next show staring me right in the face: yoga postcards! i could interview the people who’d handed them out and ask them all about the events they were promoting. and i’m sure i’d have no problem getting people to talk, especially since it was essentially a free promo for them.

i picked an eclectic mix of events and contacted the organizers. and to my relief, they all said yes!

the first one was a flyer for annie freeman’s yoga class at archway studio and theatre in downtown LA. it turns out that she and her partner were about to unleash a unique concept in theatre: a shakespearean play with some yogic touches thrown in. and in a stroke of perfect timing, it was opening the day after the show was to air. yeehaa.

the second one was for the upcoming south bay yoga conference in redondo beach. who says only the westside can lay claim to having an abundance of yoga classes and music? it was also refreshing to be able to deal with the conference director directly instead of with their PR staff  😛

and in deference to my obsession with all things bikey (and yoga, too, of course), i reached out to dan ward and sean gray, organizers of the yoga bike gang ride in santa monica which would be held the weekend of the show. yay bikes!

the music fell into place organically – music from free downloads (thanks, yogitunes, for the dave tate/victoria lagerstrom track!) as well as from musicians who would be performing at the yoga conference and at kirtans over the weekend: bhaktima kirtan, masood ali khan, and the breath of life tribe.

there were a few issues that came up during the taping of the live show, mainly having to do with someone at the studio monkeying with the mixing board connections and not returning them to their normal settings. it was a great chance for me to practice calming breathwork…

as a thank-you gift to all yoga chat listeners, here are some deals that were offered on the show:

annie freeman is offering $8 off the price of tickets to “a midsummer night’s dream” at the archway near little tokyo — just say you heard about it on this show. and make sure you catch a performance before its run ends on august 18th. thanks, annie!

jules mitchell is offering 15% off the cost of passes to the south bay yoga conference. use code JULY15 to get the discount through the end of july. thanks, jules!

and don’t forget that all yoga bike riders will be getting 10% off their bill at the post-yoga/bike lunch at wurstkuche. thanks, dan and sean!


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