living sustainably


July 18, 2012

This week’s topic: Living Sustainably

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Rishi Kumar, founder of The Growing Home
Ryan Mlynarczyk, director of “Within Reach”
Mandy Creighton, producer of “Within Reach”
Rob McFarland, co-founder of HoneyLove

Featured Music:
Hara Hara Shankara, Steve Ross
Jaya Sita Rama, Wade Imre Morissette
I Am, Guru Singh with Seal & Friends
Mukunda Madhava Govinda Bol, C.C. White

* * * * * * * *

since this is a weekly show, I try to keep things simple by sticking to one recipe:

– find 3 guests.
– add 4 songs.
– throw in a few random items to spice things up.
– toss gently.
– serve.

while getting dressed this past monday morning, i realized i hadn’t reached out to anyone, nor had anyone reached out to me (that i could remember, anyway) for this week’s show. needless to say, i had already gone through my stack of flyers for last week’s show and was totally stumped. i considered taking the week off; after all, i had done a show on the 4th of july holiday, so didn’t that earn me time off? besides, i’m the boss of me, right?  🙂

ah, but no such luck. the obsessive-compulsive side of me insisted that i hunker down and find some guests, whatever it takes to do it. i fired up my computer and started researching possibles.

so the question was: how do i  find out what’s new and exciting in town? by checking out what my friends were up to, of course.

i scanned my news feed.

hmmm. alice strong (a fellow cyclist) just commented on a post on the growing home’s facebook page, so i checked it out. rishi kumar, the growing home‘s founder, has been growing fruits and vegetables in his backyard and is now offering workshops to other aspiring backyard farmers.  i reached out to him and he said yes! so that’s one…

joe linton (another cyclist; in fact, one of the organizers of ciclavia) joined the facebook event “within reach movie LA premiere“. could it be another bikey movie? i checked it out and found out that not only was about two people touring the country by bike, but it was about their search for sustainable communities. do i see a trend here? i left some messages and hoped for the best.

i spotted george langworthy (co-director/producer of the documentary “vanishing of the bees“) on my online chat list and asked him if he could be interviewed. no response. he was probably busy…

come tuesday morning, ryan mlynarczyk from “within reach” got back to me. he was going to call in AND get his co-star, mandy creighton, to call in, too! and now i had two…

george eventually got back to me; unfortunately, he couldn’t be on the show. but he suggested i call rob and chelsea mcfarland of honeylove; they’re advocates for urban beekeeping. i did as he said, left messages and waited. finally, rob responded and said he was available. and that makes three!

once i had the guests, the music was relatively easy. i had counted around SIX kirtans happening around town this coming weekend, so i knew i’d be able to find tracks from at least four of them. and i did — there’s something from steve ross, wade imre morissette (thanks to bhakti babe for sharing!), guru singh, and c.c. white.

as it turns out, all my guests had something to promote on the show:

the growing home has their one-year anniversary party and fundraiser on saturday, july 28th.

the “within reach” premiere will be held at the LA eco village on tuesday, july 24th, with other screenings scheduled in other cities. here’s the trailer from their website:

honeylove will be celebrating national honey bee awareness day on saturday, august 18th, and will be hosting workshops, too. check their schedule here.

overall, i’d have to say that i learned a lot during the show and it’s inspired me to look into finding ways to live more sustainably. i hope you get as much out of it as i did!


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