taking it on the road


July 25, 2012

This week’s topic: Taking It On the Road

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Krishna Prem, author of “Gee You Are You”
Robert Galinsky, Vice-President of Social Marketing at Terra Fossil Wines
Sara Landas, co-director of “The Goddess Project”
Holli Thomas, co-director of “The Goddess Project”

Featured Music:
So Alive, Wade Imre Morissette
Barrelman, Brian Chartrand
Rise in Me (C.K. Remix), Suzanne Sterling
This is the Day, Jaya Lakshmi

* * * * * * * *

sometimes you have to trust that the universe is going to give you exactly what you need when you need it.

at a kirtan a few months ago, my friend darshana thacker introduced me to krishna prem, an osho follower just like herself. he was a very gregarious guy and had just published his book “Gee yoU aRe yoU” (it spells GURU – get it?). darshana thought he’d make a great guest on the show, so we exchanged information and i told him i’d touch base with him the next time he was in town. and as what usually happens when i have too many things on the brain, i forgot all about him… until i spotted his book sitting in a stack by my computer.  i reached out to him, and luckily for me, he happened to be in town and was available for a guest spot. whew!

with KP on the guest list, i thought it’d be nice to have a book-centric show, so i contacted other authors (including one “celebrity” vegan cookbook author who never seems to have time for me; so be it), but nothing panned out. i also contacted maria santoferraro to make good on my promise to have her on the show for an update on the ongoing yoga book club. unfortunately, she had just returned from a family vacation and needed time to decompress. she did tweetroduce me (is there such a word?) to sara landas and holli thomas, two women traveling the country in a vegetable oil-powered schoolbus in search of goddesses with stories to tell. they were excited to share their own story about the goddess project and i was excited to have them!

while checking my email inbox for responses to the inquiries i sent out, i came across a message from NYC-based robert galinsky about an upcoming happy hour mixer in burbank which will feature terra fossil wines and an eclectic list of speakers. one of them is a kundalini yoga teacher who does health consulting and the others are involved in social media and filmmaking. not only did it hint at stimulating conversation, but it was also FREE. i was definitely on board!

i seemed to find myself sitting on a wealth of new music — a mantra dance CD that was gifted to me by wade imre morissette, as well as some newly-downloaded playlists from yogitunes and white swan / black swan records — so i spent a quiet tuesday night listening to some 40 tracks and picked four to feature on the show.

did i mention that we finally have a new sound board at the studio that actually works? which means i’ll probably spend less time editing the sound levels on my podcasts! awesome.

here’s the video of the goddess gals on their indiegogo website:

here’s the link to the eventbrite ticket site for the the panel of new ideas happy hour in burbank on wednesday, august 1st at 7pm.

and here’s the exclusive online discount code for tickets to next weekend’s moksha festival in santa monica on august 4th and 5th: JYUNG

i hope to see you at either or both of those events!


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