so you think you can teach, part 2


August 8, 2012

This week’s topic: So You Think You Can Teach, Part 2

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Kelly Larisey, yoga instructor
April Ritchey, yoga instructor
Jackie Kubica-Aronoff, yoga instructor
Brenda Chestnut. yoga instructor
Leah Kim, yoga instructor and author of “From Office Hell To Yoga Heaven: Jumpstart Your Career as a Yoga Instructor”

Featured Music:
Sujit’s Dream, Mahadev
Song of the Sun, Part 2: Gat, Stevin McNamara
Hero’s Return, Jef Stott
Island Pulse, Tim White & Joe Paulino

* * * * * * * *

it’s been said that there are just as many struggling yoga teachers in search of teaching gigs as there are struggling actors in search of acting gigs, especially here in LA.

and it really wouldn’t surprise me, because every time i check my facebook feed, yet another yoga teacher is plugging his/her teacher training (TT) program. which means that when said TT program ends, there’ll be yet another batch of bright-eyed yogis looking for places to teach to recoup their TT tuition expenses. some are lucky enough to land classes with students  not only eager to learn but also able to pay. even better are those students who can afford to pay the additional cost for private sessions and out-of-town retreats.

i put out an open call on my facebook pages for recent TT grads who were willing to tell their stories on the air. soon i received responses from those for whom teaching yoga has been everything they’d dreamed it would be. but how about those who’d gone through the training, just to find out that finding a job in the oversaturated yoga market was much harder than they’d thought it would be? i knew they were out there, but why wasn’t anyone stepping forward?

apparently, the perception is that saying anything negative about TT and its outcome is perceived as damaging, and therefore, non-yogic. so it’s ok to bitch about how finding a teaching job sucks, just as long as you keep that bitching to yourself. or share it with friends who’ve been sworn to secrecy. so be it.

so while i was hoping to feature a two-sided discussion with those whose teaching careers had blossomed into sustainable jobs they loved as well as with those who gave up on the search and returned to their day jobs, i ended up with a foursome with similar, yet different, stories. and yes, they all continue to teach: kelly larisey from boulder and april ritchey, jackie kubica-aronoff, and brenda chestnut from LA.

quite by accident, i found out that leah kim, a yoga teacher from LA who’s since moved to london, had just released an e-book called “from office hell to yoga heaven: jumpstart your career as a yoga instructor”. the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, at least as far as my show was concerned. so i asked her if she’d be available for an interview, and luckily, she was.

five guests in one show when i normally can barely squeeze in three? plus music, too? it would take some diligent time management on my part to fit them all in  a 90-minute show, but then again, i really have two hours at my disposal at the studio before the next DJ walks in and gives me the stink eye 🙂

it seemed about time i played music from albums i’d been saving for a rainy day, even if that so-called rainy day turned out to be the hottest day this summer. well, at least so far. i rifled through my unplayed stack of CDs and came up with some mellow instrumentals from mahadev, stevin mcnamara, jef stott, and tim white & joe paulino.

except for my running over time (no surprise there), the show went smoothly and it seemed like everyone had a word or two of advice to share.

i hope you get as much out of it as i did!

here’s how you can find out more about the guests on the show:

– the yoga studio where kelly larisey teaches: little yoga studio in boulder

– april ritchey’s website: love the world yoga & healing

– jackie kubica-aronoff’s home studio: a radiant life in woodland hills

– the yoga studios where brenda chestnut teaches: hot 8 yoga in santa monica and laughing frog yoga in west LA

– leah kim’s website: leah kim yoga — her e-book can be purchased and downloaded here: from office hell to yoga heaven: jumpstart your career as a yoga instructor


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