olympic fever!


August 15, 2012

This week’s topic: Olympic Fever!

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Asuka Hisa, Director of Education at Santa Monica Museum of Art
Jessica Hooper, yoga instructor
Shari Goodhartz, yoga instructor

Featured Music:
Hanuman 2, Girish
Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Remix), Krishna Das
Hanuman Jump, Jai Uttal
Hanuman Chalisa, Bhagavan Das

* * * * * * *  *

the seventeen-or-so days of the 2012 london summer olympics are now history. the US athletes did exceedingly well and came away with more medals than any other country, with the women athletes earning more medals than the men. girls rule!!

thanks to a few slow days at work, i was able to sit at my desk and watch the livestream feed of the cycling, swimming, diving, water polo, beach volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics events. and when i missed those, i’d tune in to the late night replay to catch up on the news so i could keep up with the ongoing conversations on facebook and twitter 🙂

so with a hat tip to the games of the 30th olympiad, i thought it fun to have an olympics-inspired episode. i ran down the list of events that caught my interest… and ended up with cycling and training with balls.  and to add a bit of controversy, i threw in the topic of yoga as an olympic sport.

i rounded up an eclectic group of guests:

– asuka hisa of the santa monica museum of art who talked about this weekend’s cause for creativity: tour da arts bike event at bergamot station

– jessica hooper, a yoga tune up instructor who uses balls (among other props) to help students get more in tune with their bodies while stretching and toning

– shari goodhartz, a yoga teacher who specializes in yoga therapy and philosophy

and while the only exposure i had to the long jump and high jump events was through the nightly news recaps, i thought it would be cute to imagine hanuman in his own olympic event — because, as we know, no one would even come close to achieving the distances he can! the hanuman-centered music selections were from girish, krishna das, jai uttal, and bhagavan das, gold medal wallahs in the kirtan world (if there were such a thing!)

for those new to the bike community in los angeles, these were the organizations asuka  mentioned in her segment:

– LA county bicycle coalition – LACBC works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only nonprofit, membership-based organization working exclusively for the millions of bicyclists in Los Angeles County.

– C.I.C.L.E. – We are a Los Angeles based not-for-profit helping riders of all ages and skill levels use bicycles for everyday transportation. We believe that bicycling can improve our health, build community, save us money, and protect our environment …all while being fun!

– santa monica spoke – As a local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, (LACBC) we are dedicated to improving biking in the City of Santa Monica. We are a community based group working to make Santa Monica more sustainable, and a better place to live, bike, walk, work and play.

– cicLAvia – CicLAvia makes the streets safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike. There are activities along the route. Shop owners and restaurants are encouraged to open their doors to people along the CicLAvia. The next event will be on Sunday, October 7th.

here’s the link to the FREE jazz event located right around the corner from bergamot station: jazz on the lawn

this was the article shari and i referred to during her segment: Should Yoga Be An Olympic Sport?

i hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we had talking with each other!


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