empowered women


October 24, 2012

This week’s topic: Empowered Women

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Kate McIntyre Clere, producer/director of “Yogawoman”
Susan Nichols, founder of Yogitoes
Jo Tastula, yoga instructor and creator of “High Vibrations Yoga”

Featured Music:
Lokah Samastah (Sean Dinsmore’s Happy Free Mix), Sharon Gannon
Grandmother Moon, Sacred Earth
Better For It, Lisbeth Scott
Where, Lisbeth Scott

* * * * * * * *

i’m not sure if i should blame today’s technical difficulties on the upcoming mercury retrograde, or on the fact that i ran into the studio at the stroke of 1pm and didn’t get a chance to get settled down before going live.

or that right as i was trying to get used to the mic and mic stand that someone had left by the soundboard (the one i usually use was moved to the other side of the room and i didn’t have time to swap them), i heard a strange noise coming from the stack of fruit boxes on the table next to me… and realized something was MOVING in one of those boxes! oh my god. was it a small dog? or a rat? WHAT THE HECK WAS IT??

just then, another DJ walked into the room and started moving the boxes around while i was interviewing my first guest. it turned out that he had brought over his pets because his apartment was being fumigated. and right as he was about to walk out of the studio to grab lunch, he introduced me to the rest of his family: auggie, the red boa constrictor, and sam and ellis, the turtles.

just great. he left me alone with a gigantic snake and assured me that he wouldn’t bite.  even more reason why i didn’t venture to the other side of the room to swap microphones!

which was quite ironic, considering how the show was about empowered women and i was feeling totally powerless, at least at the start.

speaking of empowered women, i had a fun time talking with my empowered female guests:

kate mcintyre clere, one of the producer/directors of the new “yogawoman” film, opening here in LA on october 26th (it opened in NYC last week and will be opening across the country later this year).

susan nichols, founder and CEO of yogitoes, who will be hosting the “divine female” beauty event at their new rexperience lab on october 25th-28th; it’s also a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

jo tastula, a yoga teacher here in LA who’s produced a yoga and meditation DVD, “high vibrations yoga”, complete with stunning scenery and perfectly matched music composed by lisbeth scott.

musical interludes on the show came from the yet-to-be-released soundtrack from “yogawoman” as well as a track from “om sweet om“, lisbeth scott’s companion CD to jo’s DVD. i also added a track that was a free download on lisbeth scott’s website. much appreciated!

here’s the trailer for “yogawoman”:

after the show, i found out that the recording i’d made had all kinds of sound issues – not only was the mic input less than desirable, but the music feed was equally distorted. arghhhhhhh! but thanks to audio edit tools, i replaced the corrupted music sections with the pristine versions, which should make listening to this episode a lot more palatable.

by the way, jo was right about the snake. here’s what i found under “18 omens of good fortune” on the world of feng shui website:

Meeting Up With A Snake

Is another sign of good fortune. Whether in your garden, inside the home, or out trekking, if you meet up with a snake, it means something or someone important is coming into your life. Never ever try to harm or kill a snake when confronted with one. The more poisonous the snake, the better is the good fortune. The king cobra is described as a snake of extreme good fortune. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as they are also associated with some spiritual presence.

so there you go.  i’ll be waiting for that stroke of good fortune to come my way… soon, i hope!


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