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Interviews with musicians

girl power!


February 27, 2013

This week’s topic: Girl Power!

Amy Dewhurst, author of “Heartbreak Yoga”
Pia Guerrero, founder and co-editor of Adios Barbie
Tatjana Luethi, co-creator of MERGE!

Featured Music:
I Got Love for You, Michael Franti & Spearhead
Sleeping Soul (Jiv Jago), Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits
Krishna Love (feat. Jai Uttal), MC Yogi
Township Krishna, Krishna Das

* * * * * * * *


kirtan at the grammys!


February 6, 2013

This week’s topic: Kirtan at the Grammys!

Ram Dass Khalsa, musician and producer
Brenda McMorrow, musician
DJ Redlox, yoga instructor and musician

Featured Music:
Baba Hanuman, Krishna Das
Aap Sahaee Hoa, Ram Dass Khalsa
Namah Shivaya (Eccodek’s Burn Slow Remix), Brenda McMorrow
We Are What We Are / Sri Ram (One Love Lounge Mix), David Newman & Krishna Venkatesh
Java, DJ.Redlox, Yude, Punnu Wasu & Taruna (audio from YouTube video)
Govinda Fly (Earthrise Sound System Remix), Sharon Gannon feat. Srikala, Luminahdi & MC Yogi

* * * * * * * *


welcoming good fortune… and saying goodbye


January 23, 2013

This week’s topic: Welcoming Good Fortune… and Saying Goodbye

Cora Wen, yoga instructor
Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry
Timmi Jandro, co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry
Suzanne Bryant, yoga instructor and filmmaker of “Yoga Is”
C.C. White, musician

Featured Music:
Wandering with Shyam, DJ Drez feat. Marti Nikko
Arati Kunja, Shyamdas
The Song of Sweetness, Shyamdas
Shri Krishna Govinda, Shyamdas with Jai Uttal, Krishna Das & Friends

* * * * * * * *


of monks, MILFs, and the big mind


January 9, 2013

This week’s topic: Of Monks, MILFs, and the Big Mind

Erich Schiffmann, yoga instructor and author of “Have You Seen the Air Sparkle?”
Jessica Porter, author of “The MILF Diet”
Muni Natarajan, musician and author of “A Monk’s Tale”

Featured Music:
Satigur Prasad, Peter Kater & Snatam Kaur
Waheguru (Krishan Remix), Jai-Jagdeesh & DJ Krishan
Ma Chant (Kali), Wah!
Trance in Dance, Muni

* * * * * * * *

2012: the year in music


December 19, 2012

This week’s topic: 2012: The Year in Music

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

None this week… It’s an all-music show!

Featured Music:
Jai Sita Ram, MC Yogi
Radhe Radhe, Prajna Vieira & Ben Leinbach
Mera Baid, Nirinjan Kaur
Jap Man Sat Naam, Aykanna
Govinda Narayana, Kristin Luna Ray
He Markandeya, Bhakti Messenger
Shiva Shakti, Terra Gold
Ant Na Siftee, Gurunam Singh
Om Sai Shree Sai, Michael H. Cohen
Durga Z-Bol, Daniel Paul & Gina Sala
Mahadub, Deva Premal & Miten
Dhan Dhan, Dev Suroop Kaur & Liv Singh
Tvameva, Pranidhi Varshney
Love Belongs to Everyone / Gayatri, David Newman
Ad Gurey Nameh, Seda Bagcan
Saraswati Ma, Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt

* * * * * * * *

2012 albums

i’ll be leaving town tonight to spend the christmas holiday with my family in the philippines. since i won’t have time to run to the studio for the usual interview-centric show, i decided to produce an all-music show that’ll feature the albums that were released this year.

it was quite the experience having to assemble all the music for today’s show — from sifting through my growing collection of kirtan CDs to find all those with 2012 release dates (try reading fine print in dim light in the middle of the night!), to scouring my laptop directories to find digital downloads of even more albums, to listening to the music contained in all the albums to pick out a small selection to fit in an hour and a half timeslot, then finally arranging them in a logical sequence so that the mood wasn’t bouncing all over the place… i have to admit that interviewing complete strangers is sooo much easier!

what i’ve included in the podcast is representative of 2012’s crop of sacred music, mainly focusing on sanskrit mantras and kundalini chants. you’ll find a variety of musical styles, from a somewhat traditional form of kirtan to a more contemporary style that’s accessible to those unfamiliar with the practice of chanting the names of the divine. while putting this together, i found myself leaning towards the lesser-known musicians who have all the talent but not as much of the buzz as their more well-known counterparts.

some of the songs are mellow and more meditative, while others are upbeat and will hopefully inspire you to get up and move!

at the top of the show, i mentioned that krishna das was recently nominated for a grammy award in the category of new age albums. i found this youtube video of his nominated album, live ananda, and plan to crank it up as soon as i finish writing this…

i have to get back to running errands and packing my bags before i head to the airport, so i’ll get back to this, hopefully, while i’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to depart.

have a happy christmas and a merry new year!

12 things


December 12, 2012

This week’s topic: 12 Things

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Tara Judelle, yoga instructor
Eoin Finn, yoga instructor
Elena Brower, yoga instructor

Featured Music:
Sound Ambassador, DJ Drez
Baba, Mahadev
One in the One, Gina Sala
Meaning, Wah!

* * * * * * * *

to celebrate today’s auspicious 12/12/12 date, i’ve invited three of my favorite yoga teachers to grace the show: tara judelle, eoin finn, and elena brower. they’re world travelers and have acquired a wealth of knowledge about themselves, the people they’ve met, and the world we live in. i asked them to talk about the 12 things — words of wisdom, lessons, thoughts, values — they hold close to their hearts. it turned out to be a very valuable soul-searching exercise that made us aware of what’s truly important to us, especially as we approach that mysterious end of the mayan calendar on 12/21/12…

… more on the episode to follow…

staying healthy through the holidays


November 28, 2012

This week’s topic: Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

until i can figure out how to embed the podomatic player, click here to listen to the podcast.

Andrea Marcum, yoga instructor and owner of UStudio Yoga
Jacki Carr, Recruitment Manager at lululemon athletica
Dr. Pedram Shojai, founder of and producer/director of “Vitality”

Featured Music:
Om Mani Padme Hum, Mercedes Bahleda
Om Mozart, Dave Eggar Quartet
Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Dev Suroop Kaur
Carry Me, Peter Kater & Snatam Kaur

* * * * * * * *

i had originally planned to call the episode: “surviving the holidays”, then realized that it had a somewhat negative connotation — like the holiday season is something we should dread. while it should be a time of visiting with friends and family, exchanging of gifts and warm wishes, and partaking of delicious food and drink, there’s a chance we’ll be trying to figure out how to squeeze all those visitors into a tiny one-bedroom apartment, squeeze the parties, shopping, and work into a few short weeks, and sadly, squeeze ourselves into our jeans once the merrymaking is all over. see what i mean?

trying to put a more positive spin on it, i decided to call on some friends to talk about their tips on minimizing stress during the holidays.

andrea marcum is a yoga teacher and owner of U studio yoga in LA. she’s written a number of articles for various websites, with her most recent one about santosha, or contentment, at greenster.comSecret Santa-tosha: Finding Peace for the Holidays

during the course of our conversation, i mentioned to andrea that i had just found out that the flight i was booked on to visit my family in the philippines was going to take a whopping 30 HOURS when it usually should take almost half the time (i should mention that it was booked using airline miles, so it ended up being the maximum inconvenience for the minimum cost)! she then shared her tips on surviving a long plane flight (there’s that word “survive” again) and later sent me the article she wrote about it, also on greenster: Return to Your Upright Position – Yoga Takes Flight

jacki carr has worked with lululemon athletica for a number of years now and has moved up in the ranks from sales associate to recruitment manager. she travels a lot for her job and has moved from one city to another a few times since i first met her. jacki also leads workshops on goal-setting at yoga conferences, so having her on the show to share her experiences seemed like a perfect fit.

on the show, jacki and i talked about making realistic plans and about how trying to aim for goals that initially seem out of reach may not necessarily be a bad idea. by the way, contrary to what i said on the show, jacki IS back in LA. i keep forgetting that she lives just a few miles from me because i rarely see her… and we’ve vowed to fix that 🙂

dr. pedram shojai is the founder of and the producer/director of a new documentary on living well called “vitality“. i had heard about him when yogaworks screened his film earlier this month at their main street studio. “vitality” talks about the current healthcare system, which focuses on treating diseases rather than preventing them. so i invited pedram to talk about his thoughts on health and vitality, and later in the conversation, we found ourselves talking about the depression that’s sometimes triggered during the holidays.

all the music on the show were new “gifts” that i’m sharing with all — either from demo CDs or free downloads from websites, thanks to white swan records and spirit voyage:

– “path to bliss: chants of tibetan heart yoga” by mercedes bahleda

– “meditative massage music: healing instrumentals for peace & quiet” by various artists

– “essence” by dev suroop kaur

– “heart of the universe” by peter kater & snatam kaur


let the holiday merrymaking begin!